Trip in Touch – Find your next Travel Buddy

Project Description

There are many great travelers who want to explore the world and live amazing adventures. However, they are not always able to find travel buddies for all their trips… thus, they either don’t visit specific places or they just procrastinate the date of the trip.

Other travelers, on the other hand, love traveling solo, but they wouldn’t mind  spending some time with a fellow traveler for a dinner, a coffee, or to simply share the travel expenses.

Trip in Touch is a Digital Platform that helps people find the perfect Travel Buddy for any kind of trip or adventure, no matter if i’ts a solo traveler or a group of wanderlusters!

Project Details

Client Trip in Touch
Date Currently working on it
Skills Full Project

How to subscribe?

Trip in Touch users will be called Trip in Touchers! You can visit the dedicated section on the website to see how to join the Trip in Touch community.

What to do now?

The App is still work in progress. However, Trip in Touch is running several groups already on Facebook, to help people find Travel Buddies and share travel experiences. Have a look at the groups to help you plan your next trips!

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