C&R Solution – DMC and Event Management Company

C&R Solution - DMC and Event Management Company

Project Description

C&R Solution is a DMC and Event Management Company that provides professional Destination Management and Consulting Services in China.

Through thoughtful planning, creative ideas, and remarkable executive force, C&R Solution helps multinational companies and international associations to create value and to have solutions to achieve successes in China, the land with centuries-old history and vast territories.

The company, for each event, can provide commitment that anyone can rely on.

Project Details

Client C&R Solution CO.

Date October 2015 – February 2016

Skills Branding, Social Media, Marketing Campaigns, Event Management

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C&R Solution - DMC and Event Management Company

International Events

An event in China can be amazing, but what about bringing China to other international events for business? C&R Solution always do its best to be present during the most important international Business DMC meetings and fairs. You’ll see the company in Barcelona and London quite often!

Social Media and Extra

Social Media Marketing is different in China, compared to other European countries. Almost everything runs on WeChat! But this didn’t stop C&R Solution from being present on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram too!

C&R Solution - DMC and Event Management Company

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