Nay-Meet Me!

Let me introduce myself...

hello, this is


friends call me “bax”

Nay-Meet Me

I am just an ordinary (or maybe extraordinary, it’s up to you) marketeer who does markethings using his creative mind.

When I am with friends I tend to be self-deprecating, making ”pun” of myself and trying to make them laugh with my terrible jokes. “Sharing is caring” is my motto.

I love naming stuff and use my creativity to come up with outside the bax solutions (pun intended). I am extremely focused on details and deadlines.

I can luckily count on a few people who constantly support me with their amazing skills and help me deliver the most complicated projects, when needed.

(Hopefully) Satisfied Clients

Projects Delivered

Names Created

Missed Nights Out With Friends

“Everyone should markethink in their free time to keep their minds creative.”

My Skills

I know Social Media pretty well and combine Digital Marketing Tools with Innovative Ideas. I am quite confident with CRM systems and very creative when Email Marketing Campaigns need to be delivered.
In my whole career I have dealt with Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Copywriting, Content Creation, Photo and Video Editing, Email Marketing, CRM, Project Management, Web Design, Advertising and Sales.
  • Social Media
  • Creative Communication
  • Community Management
  • Web Design & Digital Tools

Tell me about your Problem and I’ll Name it!


I mean… I’ll also Solve it of course! 😄

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Have something else in mind?

I am always looking for new challenges.

If you’re thinking of something big and I match the skills you need, ask for my CV instead!

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