Inspiration, not Teaching

Hello, this is Bax writing again. You can always find more information about me here, even if you probably don’t care that much (yet), right? 😅

First of all I would like to say that I do not mean to teach anything or prove that I am better than anyone else reading this article and my content in general. I like what I do and I like to share my ideas. That’s why I decided to start writing all this.

I share my knowledge and experience providing 100% full transparency , as you can see from the Pricing Page. I am not perfect, I might make basic (even English) mistakes sometimes and you could probably find 10.239 people who are better than me in the Digital Marketing field. But if you’re still reading it means that, at least, you are a bit curious, am I wrong?

Feel free to get inspired by some of the content I post and feel free to drop me a message or comment below if you have a different opinion or if you’d like to share some ideas.

Let’s put it like this: most of all these articles will be some sort of step-by-step guides for Digital Dummies to achieve new goals or to simply revise some basic useful theory.

Why Naming and Why Markethinking?

I’ve mentioned it already, but I always like to be considered as a Serial Punner. You could consider this as a negative thing and people sometimes get bored after too many stupid games or bad jokes, when playing with words. But this is actually what has always made me unique (I can tell that) and special in this case.

You could learn new skills and improve your technical skills somehow, but some other things simply develop inside your brain and that’s something that makes you very different. This is not only valid for me, but for anyone else too! I have an inner feeling and thoughts when it’s about Naming stuff and being Creative. You could be great at organizing a Mental Map in your head, for instance!

Markethinking is simply a creative way of looking at Marketing related stuff, applied with innovative ideas and mental concepts. When applied to Social Media Marketing, for instance, I have always considered these channels to be a crucial touch point with old and potential customers, where you should actually show your human side and get in touch with them, not only providing posts to like and share. You should focus on a real relationship with people and let them be part of your ideas creation.

Be curious and test new things. Be smart!

I will dedicate a special section of this website to Markethinking, where I will show some of the ideas (with pictures) that I simply came up with after a conversation with someone or after spotting something that turned on my ”mental craziness”. Spoiler: some of these ideas might be very silly…

How about these Life Hacks?

Sharing is Caring” and it’s not only about key studies and theory. I would also like to share in the next articles how I managed to deal with some personal situation and how I improved my skills, basing my actions on practice (and some theory of course). Easily translated: there might be posts about Project Management, Organization and Time Management, Startup Tips and so on.

Feel free to reach out on Social Media or send me an email to start a friendly conversation and share our thoughts!

Alessandro Maria Balice - Bax

Alessandro Maria Balice - Bax

Creative Markethinker

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Professionista dei giochi di parole.

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