Trello is a Digital Tool and a very useful software that helps you keep track of your progress with an interactive project management wall!

Have you ever had issues with Organization, Project Management, Tasks and Deadlines? Of course you did!

You may have found a solution (or more) to overcome some obstacles and help you or your team save time. After all, Organization and Project Management are all about time and setting up the right tasks with the right deadlines.

With Trello you can have a clear view of what is happening with your project and what everyone is doing.

Create a Board that is visible to everyone in your team and share all the activities there!

How does it work, in a few words?

As mentioned previously, you have your own Board where you can set all the activities and deadlines. Furthermore there is a sidebar where you can see all the recent activities.

The Board is divided into Lists (=columns), that you can divide and categorize according to your own needs and use. In order to have a general picture of everything, I tend to use one list to have general information about the team. Hence, I share on this list all the Team Members personal information, such as email, phone number, Skype ID and so on. Others can be divided into ”To Do” – ”Work in Progress” – ”Done” for instance.

Each List contains a determined number of Cards (=tasks). According to the previous example, I assign each Card to a Team Member. All the Cards and Lists are easily editable and can be moved with a simple Drag & Drop selection.

For each Card, you have several option.

  • Colored Labels: they can help you categorized better each task assigned according to different topics / business areas
  • Members Icons: assign each Card to one Member or more, considering who has to complete that specific task
  • Move / Copy the Card: you can move or even copy the Card to the same Board or to an external one
  • Set a Deadline: set your own deadline for each Card (task) and change it whenever is needed
  • Archive: once the task is completed or in case you do not need the Card anymore, simply archive (or delete if needed)

Is there any integration?

Hell yeah! I haven’t even used them all, as you can have as many as you wish, almost! A certainly useful one is Slack, where you can link all your activity to your Channel and see all the tasks assigned from there.

For each Card you can use Attachments and link Google Drive Files, Dropbox add a Calendar, just to mention a few ones!

To find out about all the integrations that can be useful for your business, have a look at the Trello Integrations Page.

How much do I need to pay to get it?


As most of these softwares, there is a Free Version! However, if you have bigger plans and need more storage, integrations for applications, higher security levels and so on, there are as well Paid Plans.

Here you can have a look at the Trello Pricing Page.

Ps: Invite People to join your board and get moreΒ Power-Ups!

Wrapping Up…


This was just a short summary of this nice tool! There is much more to say and I might write more posts in the future about it, but I hope at least you got an idea of how it works.

Find out more Digital Tools Tips and reviews here!

Feel free to reach out on Social Media or send me an email to start a friendly conversation and share our thoughts!

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