What I Do

Naymeet or Name It? You don’t need further explanation, right? Here are the services I can provide with the help of my colleagues!

Naming & Branding

A perfect name and a great branding strategy can be they key to success. My goal is to squeeze my brain until I find the right name for your Brand, Project, Product or Service. I will do my best to find a Name that perfectly matches your needs (and your taste too). Imagine this as a simple conversation with you, drinking coffee and discussing about the key concepts that matter to your business and brand.

Startup Consultancy

If you are questioning about how to STAR-t your new project, where to find money, how to create a great team, I am here for you. I will follow you step by step, helping you make the best decisions and giving you advices about the best tools that you could use, considering of course your budget and crazy schedule! I will teach you all I’ve learnt from my past experience and, sadly, from my mistakes.

Social Media Markethinking

Communities and engagement are only some of the achievements  I’d like to get for your social media channels. I can help you find out wich strategy is the best for you and let your channels find that “human touch” people look for, when they refer to Social Media! I like to call this strategy Markethinking.

Graphic & Web Design

Catchy images will always get someone’s attention. No matter if it’s for a website, for an app or for a simple presentation, I always try to combine the best colors and specifications (of course, always following my client’s wishes). But here is the thing: in my opinion a graphic project or a logo are not just made of cool styles. I carefully think about the psychological and mental side as well. It’s always been the same for all the designers I have worked and who constantly support me when new projects arise!


Are you a fresh mind interested in the digital field? Thanks to my previous experience, I can provide some unique hints to build the right cv or cover letter and useful tips to prepare yourself for any kind of tricky interview. Get your Job Seeking Boost here! We have all been there and we know that it is getting pretty tough! 

What I Did

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What I Post

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Do you know Trello?

Do you know Trello?

Trello is a Digital Tool and a very useful software that helps you keep track of your progress with an interactive project management wall! Have you ever had issues with Organization, Project Management, Tasks and Deadlines? Of course you did! You may have found a...

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From Naming to Markethinking: A Digital Hack Collection

From Naming to Markethinking: A Digital Hack Collection

Inspiration, not Teaching Hello, this is Bax writing again. You can always find more information about me here, even if you probably don't care that much (yet), right? 😅 First of all I would like to say that I do not mean to teach anything or prove that I am better...

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What is Naymeet?

What is Naymeet?

What is it? Naymeet is a project started from a very creative guy (some self-promotion is sometimes acceptable, come on ?) a few months ago. Read this: Naymeet. Now read this: Name It. You got it, right? How did it start? First of all, you're talking to Alessandro,...

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